My current work »Undine geht« is based on family-shots from the the fifties to date. Doing my image research, I consciously concentrated on the portrayal of women within the private photography. My protagonists Tamara Young and Renate Wildanger provided their private family-archive. I made a selection of group and one-on-one photographs. The selected images were classified by content and photographic point of views – for example by age or group of people. My special interest has been finding out about similarities and intersection while staging people or creating a photographic composition. How acquits oneself being photographed, how acquits a group? Which interdependency originates when single images are combined to a series of images? Do these series of images recount a story which stimulate one's pictorial memory although the photographed persons are unknown?

I created 12 combinations, which each consist of 3 images. They are supposed to tell a short story and are supposed to inspire one's own memories, detached from the singular and subjective history of my protagonists. It is a homage to mothers, girls, friends – and specially to the private photography.

The Title of my work »Undine geht« is related to a text from Ingeborg Bachmann written in1961. It is about the fitting of the (female) individual in social norms, the memory and the yearning for freedom.

»Undine geht« consists of 36 diasecs, gathered in 12 image blocks.
Special thanks to Wolfgang Zurborn and the Körber Stiftung.

Undine geht

Rivkah Young